#FinishYear (2012)

In the 9 months that I have been working on my 30 While 30 List, I have learned a great many things.  Probably one of the most prominent things is learning about goal and agenda setting as a whole.  When I started this project, all I had in my corner was some life experience counseling and teaching others, but to be honest quite a few things I hadn’t mastered myself.  My 30th year was a chance to correct some of those things and to experience some things I never thought possible.

In that same regard, this process will not stop with my 31st birthday.  I hope to keep the momentum of the list, and the experiences of the last year, and use them to  propel me (and all of you out there) into each day, looking for small moves that build into big development in our lives.

So in that, I have agreed to participate in the #FinishYear with blogger, leader, and author: Jon Acuff.  You can read about the idea here and here, but here is my list for my 2012 #FinishYear:

  1. Finish writing my grandfather’s novel by NaNoWriMo 2012 (November).
  2. Reading 12 non-fiction books in the year
  3. Lose an additional 20 pounds.
  4. Complete the Warrior Dash in TN (September 2012).

Yes, this list is quite a bit shorter, but it will grow.  More on that to come.  These 4 are the starting point for 2012, even as a I work to wrap up unfinished goals from my 30 While 30 Adventure.

1/3/11 – My list on paper:

Monthly Focus –

January 2012Taking inventory.  What are the things that I have learned the last calendar year (and 10 months of the 30 While 30 Project) that are worth keeping and which are need tossing?  What habits – useful and not – have been developed in the last year?  January is taking inventory of time and effort to ensure my life is pruned and ready for new growth in the coming days and weeks.


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