About the author

Hello, readers of Thomsthoughts!

My name is Thomas, and while I have attempted the blogging experience times before, what you see before you is my first real attempt.

Now, a little bit about me.

I am a liscensed professional counselor, and a follower of Christ.  The purpose of this blog is several fold, but most recently is my fascination with motivation and getting all of those tasks and things done to prepare our minds and bodies for the great works and purposes that we have before us.

What you will find here first and foremost, are random collections of my thoughts about various things as they fly through the internet.  A digital journal of sorts, but with the audience, I have to keep it clean and coherent.  I count that as a good thing.

Second to that, and the major focus for the next 10 months is an experiment of mine.  When I turned 30 on March 10, I made a committment to complete a list of things that had been either tried before, were things I needed to do as a husband, father, or counselor, or things that were just things I never would have expected myself to do.

This blog is an attempt to share this journey, to learn things about how we as humans commit to and get things done, and how we work to meet our full purposes on this planet.  It’s about motivation, drive, perseverence and pitfalls, all rolled up into one big hot mess.



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