30 While 30: The LIST

The List:

1. Read 30 books.

2. Lose at least 30 pounds.

3. Climb a mountain. (complete)

4. Learn to ride a motorcycle. (complete)

5. Run in 2 5k Races. (complete – race 1, race 2)

6. Run a 10k. (complete)

7. Run a half marathon. (complete)

8. Earn my carry permit / take a handgun course. (complete)

9. Find a good table wine (and understand what makes a wine a “table wine”). (complete)

10. Find a good mixed drink.

11. Be free of carbonated beverages for one calendar year.

12. Visit another state. (complete)

13. Get off Lisinopril.

14. Paint a Picture.

15. Have a photograph published.

16. Fly an airplane.

17. Attend a nerd conference. (complete)

18. Invest myself in a cause greater than myself, outside the shores of the United States.

19. Complete 30 random acts of kindness to 30 total strangers.(complete)

20. Write 30 old-fashioned, snail-mail letters to 30 people that have had a meaningful impact in my life.

21. Take a cooking class.

22. Get a professional fitting.

23. Begin to learn a foreign language.

24. Go vegetarian for a month. (lessons learned 1, 2, and 3)

25. Write an original song.

26. Blog regularly.

27. Launch my professional entity website.

28. Decide on whether or not I am going on to my PhD.

29. Finish my Paw-Paw’s book.

30. Go on a polar-bear plunge


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