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Two things for Friday – One month to go and #QuitterConf

I’m posting tonight, and many of you won’t see it until tomorrow.  The content is kinda raw tonight.
Today is an exciting day – for two reasons.
1. There are exactly 30 days (well, at least I think, considering that February has that extra day this year), or at least it is safe to say that I am one month away from my 31st birthday, and the end of my 30 While 30 Project.  The year has flown by, and to be perfectly honest, I am sometimes surprised by other people mentioning some of the things that I did this year.
Didn’t you learn to ride a motorcycle? – and it takes me a few seconds to realize they’re talking about me!
I still have a few things that I am trying to accomplish prior to the year ending, but like I have posted before, have come to the cool realization that not everything will be done.  I am ok with that, and understand the several reasons that contributed to that outcome.  Regardless, it has been an awesome year, and I am excited about what is coming next.
What has intrigued me the most in the last year is not so much the goals, but the process that this year has taught me.  The process of what makes change possible, how you decide what to change, and the realities of what happens when you do … and when you don’t change.  More on this to come.
Goals I’m still going to try to take care of for the year:
1. #14 Paint a picture
2. #21 Take a cooking class
3. #27 Launch my professional entity website (Note: I am SUPER excited about this one.  As I am sure you have noticed, the content at ThomsThoughts has tapered in the last weeks.  That isn’t because I’m not writing, only that I am writing pre-content for the new site – to be announced on March 10 of this year – something I am looking very forward to sharing with all of you)
There are a few others, but I am a bit scattered right now.
In addition to all those things, today is an awesome day because I am getting to participate in the Quitter Conference with Jon Acuff.  If you follow me on twitter (@thomasvertrees)  you’ve seen some feed already.  More of that tomrrow, and if tonight is any inclination, I will have content topics for weeks based on what I will learn here.
Happy Saturday.