30 While 30: Day 223 – A day late, and some goals yet to meet …

Well, folks, it’s been a while since I last just updated on some of the list goals, so I thought I would take this Tuesday morning and do just that.

1. 5k #2 down! (#5 – Run in 2 5k Races)  The first of the season you can read about here.  A nice run, flat course, and a cool autumn morning.  This 5k was the inaugural Go Commando! run in my hometown, and also coincided with a half-marathon on the same day.  Needless to say, I was not prepared to run the 13.1 miles today (granted, I may not be ready by December – for my actual half-marathon in Memphis).  From what I can see from the time stamps on the start, the coding for my time was off by about a minute (I only know this because the results have all the runners starting at the same time, and I know for a fact it took me almost a minute to get to the start line).  That being said, it looks like I shaved about 3 minutes off my time from one month ago.  Not too bad.  I am still not under 30 minutes, but progress is progress.  This run actually felt good.  Well, as good as you can feel (TMI incoming) on a full bladder – I was a bit distracted and not paying attention to race start time, and the portas were about 1/2 mile down the course … so there was some slight discomfort … but other than that, the race actually felt … good.  Surprising, at least for me, as if there is one thing that I have learned from this year … I am not a “runner”.  Granted, I am sure I could run decently from someone trying to kill me, or to catch a fleeing child, but running for the enjoyment of it … it ain’t for me.  I don’t crave it, that is for sure.

2. Since I am talking about running, a shameless plug.  My 13.1 will be the St. Jude’s race in Memphis the first weekend in December.  For this race, I have committed (in addition to trying to kill myself by running 13.1 miles at one time) to raising $500.00 for the great cause of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  I am sure that anyone who is reading this blog knows about the work that this hospital does, but in case you don’t, here’s the basics: St. Jude is a hospital built for taking care of kids, and is designed as such.  Not only that, but no one is turned away for a lack of ability to pay.  Not only that … it is one of the premier hospitals on the planet for healing and curing of many childhood diseases and cancers.  If your kid is sick, St. Jude’s is one of the best places you can be.  If you want more information than that, feel free to take a look at their site here.  Back to my point, I am raising money.  I know it’s shameless, but let me just tell you, there are dozens of people that read this blog, and if each of you only gave 5-10 dollars, it would go a long way.  Summer and I will be personally covering the difference, but if you want to particiapte in this goal in a much closer capacity, feel free to give.

The link for my fundraising site is here (you need to look for me by name: Thomas Vertrees).

3. How to write a novel in 30 days or less.  One of the most daunting tasks on my list is one of the ones that is most personal to me: #29 – Finish my Paw-Paw’s Book.  When my grandfather died (almost 2 years ago), I had only one request of my grandmother.  My grandfather (my Paw Paw) had been working on a fictional manuscript … and had been for some time.  I wanted it, and I wanted to finish it.  Here is what I got:

It is a collection of folders, handwritten drafts, scraps of paper, newspaper clippings, pictures.  All with a theme and a story that I don’t even know.  It has been the elephant on the list.  The intimidating thing that I have not touched since March.

Well, that wait is over.  For those of you that may not know (and I didn’t either, until I read this post on the wordpress blog), November is National Novel Writing Month.  Who knew?  Anyways, there is quite a following on this sort of thing, based on their site at http://www.nanowrimo.org/.  With my recent success (and nice bookends in my month of Vegetarianism), I am leaning towards participation in this project, using my Paw Paw’s manuscript as a basis.  I am still working out the details, because it will involve some changes other places, as well as how I might let all of you participate in this process.  Regardless, I am closer to #29.

4. I have more updates, but this post is feeling kinda long.  Enjoy the site updates.  I am trying out this new theme … seems pretty clean.  Expect to see some updates tomorrow to the book list and the list (I need to get to crossing off and linking back and such … been putting it off for too long.)



2 responses to “30 While 30: Day 223 – A day late, and some goals yet to meet …

  • beckyspringer

    I was considering the St. Jude 1/2 for my first half marathon, too… but I started getting lazy and fell off the running chart. Good luck on the rest of your list! The novel you’re “co-authoring” with your Paw Paw sounds like an amazing thing to do – please keep us updated!!

    • Thomas

      Becky, I can honestly say that I won’t have the time that I want on that day, but I am determined to finish. I have a 10k in jsut a few weeks, which will give me a better gauge on how I might do. Thanks for commenting!

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