30 While 30: Day 205 – The eve of October – an update:

The short story?  I got my flu shot yesterday, and I don’t feel very well today.  If that shot gives me the flu … I will not be a happy camper.

Just wanted to throw a few blog/list updates out there even in my weakened condition so none of the 4 of you worry.

1. Next week, I think I have finally been able to devise a plan that allows for a more consistent writing pattern to make sure the blog keeps up to date.  I am on the downward slope of the year (we are past the 6 month mark) and lots of things are being done, just with my A/P class currently, my reading/casual time has been cut.  (I am strongly considering adding my textbook and lab manual to my reading list)

2. Tomorrow, I can eat meat.  But can I share a little secret?  There are times when I don’t even miss it.  Watched a documentary last night (Forks over Knives) about some interesting research about animal-based protein, and will be sharing a short review of that probably on Monday or Wednesday of next week.

(on a side note, I have realized that several times I have teased you about something upcoming on Monday or Tuesday, etc., and that it hasn’t always happened on schedule.  Rest assured, as of last night, if I say it’s coming, it’s because it’s already written.  Hope that will make me better at not counting chickens before they are hatched… now, back to point)

3. 5k #2 is in about 2 weeks.  I am feeling much better about this one than the one last month, and am aiming to be 5 minutes under last month’s time (which would place me at about 31 minutes or so).

4. Some upcoming topics on the blog (that are stewing around in my brain and in half-written posts):

-Lessons learned from being a vegetarian for a month (1st one was here – which was about Conviction).  Part 2 is about the Joys of Simplicity, and Part 3 about what it means to Crave.

The reasons why knowledge will trump education every time, as evidenced by recent reports in the Tennessean (local newspaper) about the increase in cost and relative decrease in benefit of a bachelor’s degree.

Addiction and brain chemistry (2 parts).  I am working on a couple of more professional writing posts, gearing up for #27 (Launch my Professional Entity Website).  This will be a 2-parter about how our habits impact our future, and now we know even more about the science of that.

I’ll see you all back here next week!



2 responses to “30 While 30: Day 205 – The eve of October – an update:

  • Elizabeth

    I’m looking forward to reading what you think about Forks Over Knives. As I watched I found it refreshing that it wasn’t one of those food docs that spends all their screen time grossing you out or being overdramatic about food with a face. It was just plain, simple facts based on decades of research. Definitely something to think about!

  • Thomas

    Definitely. I’m still processing some of the information. Should have something together within a week or so.

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