30 While 30: Day 189 – Random thoughts … and inconvenient inspiration… (oh yeah, Vegetarian – Day 14)

So, it feels like I’ve been a bit absent from here the last few weeks (and it also seems like I am saying that quite a bit in the last 2 months or so).  Well, I have been.  Granted the months of May and June were certainly high-volume for the blog, with about 3 posts per week.  The posting recently has been a little sporadic.  Anyways,today is the story about why that is (and it’s not a sad one).

1. Races run.

Here is me one year ago:

This was Sherry’s Run, 2010. One year ago, I ran my first 5k.  Time: 46:26.  (embarrassing, I know, but I’m just being honest)  And I didn’t die.

Here is me last Saturday (September 10th):

Sherry’s Run, 2011.  My second 5k.  The first of a series of 2 5ks, leading to a 10k, and culminating into the St. Jude’s Hero’s Half-Marathon.  My time on Saturday: 37:21.  Also, I didn’t die.  Not just that I didn’t die, but I shaved 9 minutes off my time.  I must say, I am pretty proud of that, and with the next race coming up on October 15th, I am aiming to be in the 30-min range.  It’s a big jump from 37:21 to 30:00, but I am just now it feels getting into the swing of running (though I still miss some run days – like this very morning), and the route is much flatter than the last race.  Here’s hoping!

Photo courtesy of Merriam-Webster.com

2.  The hip bone’s connected to the leg bone … the leg bone’s connected to the …

I am back in school.  As I noted in my last post (last week), in the process of completing #28 (Decide whether or not I am going to get my PhD.) I have enrolled back in school at the local University to pick up 12 hours of pre-requisites for just one of the potential degrees.  To be honest, I am rather torn.  I am completing applications (to go out this fall) to two pretty different programs. 

First, there is the Counseling Psychology PhD program.  State school, solid program.  4-5 years (including internship) and you can call me Dr. Thomas (cause you know, no one uses their last name anymore, you hear that, Dr. Drew and Dr. Phil?).  It would allow me to increase my licensure to a Psychologist level, and increase my capabilities for research and testing protocols.  Also opens the door for university teaching placements if I desire that.

Second, and to be honest, the one these days I am leaning more towards, and that is a “bridge” program that allows me to earn an APN (advanced practice nurse) as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.  With this, I can combine my therapeutic counseling license with the capability to provide psychiatric and medication needs (as they come up) with my clients as well.  It’s this program that I’m having to take the pre-req’s for.

Anyways, going back to school is surreal.  I think I might honestly add my A/P book to my reading list (might as well get credit), and 2 nights a week, I spend 2-3 hours in a class, which shifts the time available to write and read my own things.



3. You can’t have your pudding … if you don’t eat your meat!

No pudding for me.  We are through week 2 of Vegetarian month, and to be perfectly honest … I haven’t noticed much.  I mean, mealtimes are a little weird, but it has been a bit liberating.  I have learned that I am quite a simple eater (more on that Thursday), but am recognizing that I would have a rougher transition to vegan.  I am relying on my yogurt, cheese, and eggs, and those would be a no-go on the vegan style.


I have a bit of a dilemma.  Next week, on the 20th, I travel (for business) to Charleston (my team at work is making a presentation at the Conference on School Mental Health).  I have considered experimenting with a version of vegetarianism that some people enjoy, called pescetarianism.  In short, it is a form of vegetarianism that allows for the eating of fish and shellfish.  And to be honest, I am feeling a little “shellfish” (punny, I know) about this, but I wonder if it’s cheating to consider this variation of vegetarianism for the 4 days I am on my business trip.  Here is my considerations:

a. Pros

– Gives more of a total experience of vegetarianism, as pescetarianism is often used as a “stepping stone” into full-blown vegetarianism.

– It’s Charleston for pete’s sake.

b. Cons:

– Most “official” vegetarian organizations don’t consider pescetariansim as being a vegetarian.

– I can’t eat some awesome regional food while on business.

So …. I need your thoughts.  Honestly.  Post here, or in response on twitter/FB.  I am not too ashamed to say that what people think about me might impact my decision.

–          –          –

Inconvenient Inspiration –

While I mentioned earlier some of the things that have changed my time constraints in recent weeks, I came about a bit of a revelation about something, something that used to frustrate me.

About a month ago, I made a post about “Sweet Interruptions“.  I encourage you to click on the link and re-read that post.  I did, just two nights ago.  I was up late, working on work (while at home, which in recent months, I have been very good about not doing – a boundary issue of mine).  That being said, there I was, typing clinical notes at 1130 at night, and inspiration came to me.  I started thinking about how I wouldn’t do “this or that” when I start my practice, or how I think ROWE environments (from Drive – Daniel Pink) are actually workable in a counseling practice.

I started thinking about these things, and started getting angry and frustrated and down. Upset because I wasn’t doing that now.  That I had a “job”, but that it wasn’t what I wanted to do for the next 20 years.  I got mad, because at times, historically, getting angry was a motivation to change things.

– Getting mad at my excessive working conditions at Youth Villages motivated me to quit a job that I had been involved in for over 3 years.

– Getting mad about how I look has helped to motivate me to become more fit and healthy.

Getting mad is a strong motivator.  The problem is, it doesn’t last.  It lasts only as long as the problem of the moment exists.  It’s like a a shot of adrenaline, a cup of coffee, or a pixie stix.  It gives you a jolt to change your inertia, but then peters out, leaving you only with disappointment, sometimes regret, and often wondering what you were mad about in the first place.

That’s how I felt 2 nights ago.  That being said, I started thinking about it a little more, reviewed my post about interruptions, and reminded myself once again, that life is a process.  Sure, there is a physical beginning and a physical end, but everything else is development, change, and adaptation.

So, instead of simply mad that “I’m not there yet.”, I committed instead to recording those “shower moments”, those inconvenient inspirations, and either tucking them away, or seeing how I can impact my world now with those very ideas.

So, I don’t know how much of that made sense to you all, but to me … it absolutely did … and I’m going to make a note of that.


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