30 While 30: Day 176 – Enter Meatless (Day 1 – Vegetarian)

September 1st.  It has begun.

… What have I got myself into?

Now that that’s over with, I am honestly a little excited.  Now, I have climbed a mountain, fired a gun, assisted with tornado cleanup and recovery … but I am honestly feeling kind of adventurous today.  This is really something that I never thought I’d be attempting, and is related to something I love very much: meat.

The Farewell to Meat Extravaganza was a great success, if I must say so myelf, and I will not disclose here how many ounces of Ribeye steak I actually consumed.  Suffice it to say, it will probably last me a while.

So, I wanted to share with you all today, basically on how I am going to “cover all my bases” as far as protein, essential oils and fats, fiber, carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients.

Protien (Along with essential oils and fats)-

There was more than I originally anticipated in this area as means to gain the 40-50g needed daily (as recommended by the people who recommend things).  As a result of feedback, I have rescinded my aversion to tofu, and my wife actually bought some, we’ll se how that goes.

Sources: Egg (6g), 2% Milk, Cheese, Yogurt (Greek 12g, Normal 3-6g), Nuts (6g per 1/4 cup), and various nut butters, beans, and soy.

Other Stuff (Fiber, Carbs, and simple sugars):

This area is about balance.  Balance between simple sugars (from fruits and such) to more complex things (from whole grains, starchy vegetables, etc.)

I will attempt in the weeks to come (in addition to posts on other goals in process) to write about various meal plans for some of my days.


Oh, did I mention I am back in school?  Anatomy and Physiology is fun …. yeah ….

Have a Happy Labor Day!


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