30 While 30: Day 167 – I did it all for the veggies … the veggies …

T minus 8 days, and counting, before I begin what I think may be one of the toughest things on my list:

#24 (Go vegetarian for a month.)

But I am writing about this today, because this item is one of those that falls into that category of “things I never thought I’d do” or “things that no one would think that I would do”.

So why do them?

Well, part of it is the point of this whole list.  I have spent the last 30 years of my life molding myself into who I am today.  There are those things on the list that are intended to start pointing me in the other direction.  There are then those things, which#24 falls into, as something that Thomas would never do.  They are on the list to help me understand and measure myself capable of something that maybe I didn’t think was possible.  Sure, it may be silly to have a goal of not drinking a carbonated beverage for a calendar year … but I’m almost 6 months in.  6 months.  This goal, like the drink goal, is one to have me see what mettle I am made of.

That’s the beauty of this kind of list … of this kind of endeavor.  Some of my stuff is silly to some (I’m looking at you, vegetarians), but it’s new and adventurous, and dare I say, necessary to me.

It’s necessary to prove that tomorrow doesn’t just have to be a product of the gears moving today.  That tomorrow can take a radical shift towards something different, new, and maybe better.

Science teaches us that by the age of about 25 or so, myelination is pretty much complete.  In biological terms, our brain synapses start to coat themselves in myelin … which in layman’s terms is why as we grow, certain thoughts or actions become automatic.  The term “it’s like riding a bike”, and (in regards to humans) “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” come from this understanding of biology.  So, by late adolescence, we have some things “hard-wired” into our brains.  Thoughts, actions, and attitudes start to become automatic.

Part of this year is dusting off the myelin, so to speak (hrmmm … that wasn’t as catchy as I thought it might be.  Oh well.).

It’s time to do some of the unthinkable things … for me.

but …. I need your help ….

no, seriously ….

I don’t know a thing about vegetarianism, veganism, or octo-something-or-another.

I need some advice.

*   *   *

So, all you out there:

1. Are there websites for information on vegetarianism?  An association site, maybe?

2.  Recipes?  I am committing to NOT eating Tofu, and getting my protein from other sources, but I need options other than just getting the vegetable children’s platter from Cracker Barrell.

3. Communities?  I am going to need some support for this.


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