Goodbye, Mr. Central.

This week, a friend left this world, and traveled to another.

Matt McCurdy, a man who was many things, a father, brother, son, and friend, died in his home, sometime in the morning of August 9th, 2011.  He was 30 years old.  As this post goes live, a celebration of life ceremony is taking place to take joy in all the things in which Matt had a hand in his short time on this earth.

I want to use this simple medium to share what I knew of Matt, and things I think that those that were close to him would appreciate as well.

One of my first experiences with Matt was way back in Elementary school.  Matt and I, along with some other (now old) friends, were members of the same Cub Scout troop.  Even at such a young age, Matt was always full of life and hope.  Always had something funny to say.  Always spoke well of those around him.

We grew up, and to be honest, we probably weren’t the closest of friends in High School.  Regardless, Matt’s character and reputation followed him wherever he went.  This was not a bad thing.  You see, Matt’s character was one of honesty, good nature, dependability, and true joy … which seemed to last in spite of whatever situations surrounded him.  His reputation was one that was never seen finding fault with others, always seemed to have good things to say, and was very rarely (if ever) seen having a laugh at someone else ‘ true expense (he wasn’t one to miss a chance to crack a joke, that was for sure, but the boy was sensitive to who could take it, and who could not).

If this tragedy was the first time that Matt faced death head on, it would be astonishing enough.  But while Wednesday was the day that Matt left this world, it was not the first time he faced the prospect.  While in high school, Matt was involved in a devastating car accident just a mile from his home.  With significant head injuries that needed surgery, there was rumor and conjecture at the school that he might not make it.

Matt was a fighter.  He did make it.  Not only that, but he completed his senior year, and was named “Mr. Central”.

While I am attempting to give his memory honor, let me share with you instead the words captioned on that page:

“Robert Matthew McCurdy is the son of Pam and Johnny Knight. and the late Andy McCurdy.  His birthday is February 11, 1981.  He is the grandson of Robert and Mary Nola McCurdy, and Bill and Ruth Akins.  He has a brother, Butch McCurdy.  Matt is involved in the Calumet – Editor, Honor Choir, FTA, Science Club, Football, Soccer, Track, and Baseball.  He is an Excel Card recipient, coach of the Chiefs football team, an employee of the Catfish House, and was a Homecoming and Sweetheart Escort.  His future goals are to be successful enough to where his kids will have a nice house to live in.”

Well done, Matt.  Well done.

We all lost a brother this week, but rest assured, we will see him again.

May you rest in peace, and not be forgotten.


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