30 While 30: Day 140 – On Wine, Passports, Trumpets, and Running for a Reason…

Hello All!

A small post today, with some significant list updates, and planning for things that I am really excited about!

1) Even though I consider #9 (Find a good table wine.) completed, I had the enjoyment of a spontanous gift from my wife, Summer, of a selection of wines to taste.  Placed in a nice little box, with enough wine for two people to taste in each miniature bottle, it was a fun experience.  I continue to solidify my feeling that I am a “sweet over dry” kind of wine drinker, but there were a few drier ones that were still appealing (as I need a decent red dry wine to have with red meat).

2) This week, I took a major step (for me) towards #18 (Invest in a cause greater than myself, outside the shores of the United States).  I completed and submitted my passport application.  We also have Summer’s renewal prepared, but are waiting for a certified copy of our marriage license before we mail in her paperwork.  Also investigating timing and feasability of getting ones for the kids as well.  Not real sure on where and when, but this process opens those doors.  Suggestions are always welcome! 

3) I am a Band Geek.  It’s ok.  I know it.  I’ve known it for some time.  Well, to indulge in my geekdom, and in an attempt to satisfy #17 (Attend a nerd conference), I have the esteemed pleasure of attending the Drum Corps International: The Masters of the Summer Music Games, a Tour of Champions Series event in Murfreesboro, TN this coming Friday.  I am pumped!  One would say that I might be “geeked out”!

4) As you read in the post from Monday, my races, to achieve #’s 5, 6, and 7 (Run in 2 5k races. Run a 10k. Run a Half-Maraton). 

What I am happy to officially announce today is that not only am I running in the Half-Marathon in Memphis TN (in December) to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, I am running for a reason! 

I have agreed to, and committed to fundraising a minimum of $500.00 in addition to my fees to run the race.  I cannot begin to say how excited I am about this.  Summer ran the full marathon last year, and the experience, as a whole, was amazing.  To be able to participate alone is an amazing honor, but to do more to contribute to the work done at St. Jude’s pours the honor on more.

If you are interested, they have provided me with a site to make the donations towards my goal.  I hope from now until race day to update my readers on my progress training, as well as fundraising.

Here is my personal fundraising site (sponsored and set up by St. Jude). 

I will update as this process develops, with as much functionality that they give me.

I hope you will particiapte with me in this.  Even a small donation is appreciated, as any amount helps in the development of new treatments for children, and ensuring that no child is turned away from treatment becasue they cannot afford it.

Tomorrow, I restart the book reviews from my list, strarting with Kevin DeYoungs, Just do Something.



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