30 While 30: Day 126(7) – Have a little help from my (blogging) friends…

(As it was mentioned over twitter, I am unsure about what happenned to this post.  Regardless, I am using it today as my Wednesday + “Book Review” post.  Enjoy!) 

Today, I wanted to share with you some of the blogs out on the interwebs that I am currently following (or attempting to follow).

In my progress on #26 and #27, I have greatly increased the amount of content I read digitally.  Not so much books (like I do with my Kindle app on my iPad – by the way which is awesome – especially while running on the treadmill … no annoying pages to turn), but moreso small batches of content, blogs, articles, and news.  All of this really in an effort to learn as much as I can in a short amount of time, find ideas for articles on this blog, and to increase my eposure to other ideas out there about personal development and change, especially as it relates to this year-long experiement I am enduring.

(Disclaimer: I do not endorse any of these officially, and to be honest, some of them are very new to me.  You are getting a real glimpse of where I am and what I am looking at, and at the stage I am at. Read: figuring out if these are even worth reading in the first place.  They are also in no particular order, and this isn’t even a complete list … yikes!)

Tim Brownson – A Daring Adventure

Tim Brownson – A Daring Adventure

Tim Brownson has been a professional Life Coach since about 2005, and blogs regularly on experiences helping people meet their goals, achieve what they want most out of life, and increase motivation.  As a licensed Professional Counselor, I am still very much on the fence about the whole “Life Coaching” paradigm, mainly because it is very akin (though not totally) to existential therapy with a dash of career counseling, however I do recognize that different states (and countries, in this case) have their own licensing rules and statutes.  Also, he has a bit of a potty-mouth on twitter, but I think that is a result of his culture (UK).

Gretchen Rubin – The Happiness Project

This blog comes out of one of the books that I have completed (though not published a review of yet) on my list.  The story of the Happiness Project started as Gretchen Rubin had a bit of an epihpany on a cross town bus.  In short, it was a question of whether or not she was really happy and along with that, was there something that she could really do to change her level of happiness?  What resulted was a 12 month journey of research and experiments in just that, making her life as happy as she could make it.  The blog itself actually came out of one of the challenges she gave herself about 4-5 months in.  The site currently is the forum for others to gain insight and information on their own journeys towards happiness.


Be warned.  If you add this site to your RSS feed, you will feel eternally behind.  Mainly because this site alone pushes out so much content it is hard to keep up.  While this blog is more about productivity, it has been a resource for me in regards to off little things to make your life easier, from Sropbox-like self-hosted software, to keeping your shoes smelling better, as well as recent apps and programs to organize and simplify your desktop computer.  The articles range in size, but there is one about just about everything you could think of.

Rachel Held Evans

This one is very much not a personal productivity or development blog, that is for sure.  Even so, part of this year-long project of mine is about exploring some new ideas, and challenging some old ones as well.  Rachel hosts a blog that often posts on and discusses various topics within the Christian tradition including the reality of doubt and working to understand our purposes here on earth.  While I don’t always agree with her, her posts are well-written, well-researched, and if nothing else, thought provoking.

Starting Cube

And if you aren’t so into reading print as your means of assimilating personal productivity, goal setting, and dream acheiveing data, Starting Cube might be for you.  Started by a friend of mine from college, Starting Cube approaches content in a slightly different way, vouching instead to provide audio clips for the subscriber with questions about how the item links to the listeners own goals or dreams.  I personally like it for that very reason … an opportunity to gain some insight without always having to have my face glued to this glowing screen.

A vet looks at 30

This is an absolutely selfish self-bump, but I am going to share it anyway.  Another friend of mine from school has taken it upon herself to also look at how she approaches a certain life-mark (and I dare not mention it, for you never ask a lady her age) and has set before her some goals to reach in that time.  Things maybe tried before, things never thought possible, or things that jsut simply need to be done.  I told her I’d be following, but now all of you can to, if you like.

The Change Blog

A simple, yet meaningful blog on changing your life to be the way that you want it to be, started and run by a guy named Peter, who began the blog in 2007 shortly after the birth of his first son.  This blog has several regular posters, and the reads are simple and to the point.

Jay White – Dumb Little Man

Another awesome blog by a guy that happenned about the process by happenstance.  Another opportunity to expand upon common misconceptions about organization, goal setting, and successful ventures.


So all in all, these are some of the places I am spending my surfing time.  I hope that maybe you might follow one or two yourself, but more importantly ….

What online communities do you follow?  Where do you find new ideas, fresh perspectives, or accountability for your purposes in life?  Let me know!

See you guys Monday, with more exciting developments on the list!


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