30 While 30: Day 105 –

A few list things for you all today!

1. Took a big step on #8:

8. Earn my carry permit / take a handgun course.

Registered for my handgun safety and permit class with Guns and Leather (What can I say?  The name is simple and to the point.  No confusion on what they sell, that is for sure).  So in just a few short weeks, I’ll sit in a classroom for half a day, and then get certified at 9, 21, and 45 feet.  I’ll take pictures, but I promise, not while shooting.  I think that just might be against the rules.

2. Some progress on another one:

15. Have a photograph published.

I recently submitted the following photos to Spirit magazine, the airline magazine for Southwest Airlines.  We’ll see how it goes, but here are the ones that I sent in:

You’ve seen them before, from the trip to Colorado, but these were the ones that I thought were my “best shots”.

3. I took a big step towards #29.

29. Finish my Paw-Paw’s book.

The crate of writings and notes from my grandfather’s book are now sitting at my desk in the house.  I have not cracked it yet, but Summer is traveling for a bit next week, leaving me with some days off of work while I take care of the kids, so more on that later.  Seeing what is ahead of me for this, to be honest, I am a little overwhelmed.  Writing in a blog is one thing … I mean, heck, almost no one reads this.  But I don’t know anything about writing a novel.  This is going to be an adventure, for sure.

4. This is post day 105.  That means 105 days without my sweet sweet Mountain Dew … or anything else bubbly.  This is a miracle.  Seriously.  A miracle.

5. September is vegetarian month.  I …. am …. insane.  Now that I am past that, any folks out there that do not partake of the meat?  I need to do a little research on what variety I might toy with.  I am serious about it, but I want to do my homework.  Help me out here folks.

Folks have a great day!

Tomorrow – review of the popular Marriage-help book: The Love Dare.



One response to “30 While 30: Day 105 –

  • avetlooksat30

    Thomas, you’re doing a great job on your list! Writing a book is very daunting … I’ve been meaning for a year to just start writing some little essays from stories at work, and haven’t made any progress. I think you’re doing it right, small steps! Don’t get too caught up in the final product.

    As far as the vegetarian thing, I still eat fish and seafood so that’s kind of cheating, but I will tell you Morningstar products are your FRIEND. I’ve made tacos and spaghetti sauce w/ their fake ground beef and been accused of cheating. I actually prefer their “sausage” to the real thing. Also, Healthy Choice frozen dinners have the most variety of veggie-friendly meals. Eating out, chinese/japanese and mexican restaurants are your best bet. Hope this helps 🙂

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