30 While 30: Day 103 – It’s Friday! Friday!

Photo credit: BBC

Today, a story about a girl.  A girl named Rebecca.

In January of just this year (2011), Rebecca and her mother thought it would be good to spend about $4000 on a production of a pre-written song and music video.  The purpose was to get a little something for friends and family to enjoy, and maybe help start a singing career.  The video was shot over 12 hours, using mainly real life friends and family as extras and was posted on YouTube in February, 2011.  It originally got about 4000 views.  Acceptable for Rebecca and her family.

Here was the finished product.

Yes, this story is about Rebecca Black.  You may not know her.  I really didn’t until recently.  And here, as Paul Harvey says it, is the rest of the story:

It would have been good enough had it ended there, and 4000 YouTube views been the end of it.  It wasn’t.

Daniel Tosh of Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 show placed a small blurb on his blog on March 11, 2011.

That was only the beginning.

By March 21st, 2011, Billboard estimated about 43,000 iTunes downloads (for those doing the math …. that’s about $23,000 in royalties).

Rebecca appeared on Good Morning America, Jay Leno, and other places.

In April, the song was adapted and sung by Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, and the Roots band on late night television.

And then again in the closing episodes of the most recent season of GLEE, the song was performed by the cast at their prom:

And most recently, Rebecca appears in a video by popular artist Katy Perry.

As of June 15, 2011, the original YouTube video had over 166 million views, and 3.2 million “dislikes”, beating out Justin Beiber’s “Baby” as most disliked video on YouTube.

You see, in case you didn’t know, the song isn’t very good.  It uses an old 50’s chord progression, and production of the song used AutoTune (a computer program that “fixes” singer’s pitch to correct mistakes) extensively.

Personally, though, I don’t know why people “hate” her so much.

So why talk about this young lady, and her 15 minutes of internet fame?

Principally, I think it’s a perfect example of you not knowing where your actions may lead you.  

These days, we hear story after story of tragedy in this world, linking horrible events that seem to stem from a history of trial and mistake.  But the other end of that coin is the impact of positive moves, and of meaningful change in our lives.  The movie “Pay it Forward” is a great example of this, even in a practical sense.  If we spent more time focusing and moving towards good and meaningful things in our lives, who can anticipate where that may lead?

How do you look at your realm of influence?  Our influence, in my opinion, is like us sitting in the middle of co-centric circles.  We have an impact, differing in intensity, on each of those circles.  Our connections fit into those realms of influence.  Spouse, family, work, faith families, facebook friends, LinkedIn, professional groups, hobby partners, with each we have a little push or pull.

That’s a little bit about what this list is about.  It’s about starting points, and the reality that I don’t know where this journey may end up.  Surely not on Jay Leno, or with hundreds of millions of YouTube hits, but it for sure …

… will lead me somewhere other than here … and that’s the point, wherever that may be.

Where are your starting points?



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