Take a moment, smell the roses, and watch a movie …

As I write this (Tuesday), a fever has me in the bed.  It’s been passed from Wesley, to Daniel, I think that Summer has it now … and my turn is just beginning.  Let’s hope the stomach cramps stay away.

Aaaaaaaaanyways ……

Sometimes, when working on anything important, it’s time to take a break.  Even if that means interrupting your 430am wake-up calls to go to the YMCA, sometimes you have to just take a break.  You have to breathe to take the next steps.  Especially when marching up a mountain.

So, simply for today, a recommendation … of a movie:

It’s Kind of a Funny Story.

A movie that I plan to own, and plan to use if this career of mine ever dips back into the teaching and mentoring of other counselors.  It’s just a movie about perspective, and about enjoying and seeing the importance of simple things.

So, like me: take a break.  Put on your flannel pajama pants (ok, maybe that was a little too much) crawl into bed (ok, for sure too much that time), and enjoy something simple.




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