30 While 30: Day 89 – “A little more perseverence …. a little more action”

25 Cool Points if you can name the play on the tune in the title (and to gain those CP (CP = Cool Points – They’re so cool, they have an acronym) you must comment on this thread).

So …. you may be asking yourself … “What’s up with the photo for today?”

Well for the small smattering of peeps that were at my 30th birthday, this little fella will be familiar to you.  This balloon was present at that smashing party (at which I hear, certain incriminating video was taken of someone dancing to no less than “It’s Raining Men” for “Just Dance 2” on the Nintendo Wii …. anyways, I digress).  So your second question might be: “Why does this guy have a three month old photo of a cheap balloon on his super and awesome blog?” Well, that question would make sense.

Except that this photo was taken yesterday.

This my friends, in all of the internets, was the most poignant image I could find on the definition of perseverance.

“So why haven’t you taken it down?”

Also, another fine question.  The problem (or blessing, depending on your perspective), is that our home is one that has one of those two-story living rooms, y’know, the kind that you could get one of those giant 15-foot Christmas trees for Christmas … except then you realize that a 15ft tree mathematically would easily have more than twice the needles of a 7ft tree and you abandon that idea, also realizing you would need a truck as big as a transformer to get it to your house …. digressing …. again ….

So, over the course of the poppin partay, the $1 balloon (thanks, thrifty wife) worked it’s way free of its moorings, and found it’s way to a perfectly unreachable height in the house … well I guess I could throw darts or knives … but that would defeat the purpose of this post for you today.

That balloon is the definition of perseverence.

It exists for one purpose and one purpose only.  To hold on to every ounce of helium in it to stay aloft for as long as it can.

I must say, it’s doing a pretty fine job at it.

It’s also a great reminder for me.  Whether I am walking in from a day at work, playing with the boys, catching a little TV, on my way up to Wesley’s room at 2am cause his nighttime turtle (most amazing toy ever) has gone out, whenever, it is a stark, yet simple reminder of the lessons of persistence and perseverance.  It’s a marker of sorts, a signpost, a Memento (spooky movie), something that reminds me each day to not give up.  I mean, I have to think for a few moments which is harder …. my list, or holding that helium for three months?

So help me, I am beating that balloon.  It will blink first.

So as I go into this week, it marks the 1/4 mark of this journey.  3 out of the 12 months have passed.  Time to take inventory.  I must admit, it felt like a slower start, I mean I am hitting hard the things that come naturally, and the things that are way out there, are still way out there.  Highlights to the first three months on Wednesday.

For today, as I sit at my desk, and can look through the house to see that balloon, I see what it means to hold fast, and that how simple some things are to accomplish when you just set your mind and actions to them.

We all have those balloons.

There was a woman that I worked with, back a few years ago, that had a little post it note that stuck to her computer monitor, which was strikingly pink against the drab gray cubicle.  On it read: “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.”  Now I know that it wasn’t her quote.  That much was certain.  But it was her balloon.  It was the thing that she looked to each day to stay on track, remember what was important, and reflect on where she has been.

What are your balloons?



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