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30 While 30: Day 110 – The calm before the storm…

The storm being that I am going to be solo with my two lovely boys for almost 6 days.  That should have been a goal on my list.  Nevertheless, the weekend has been busy with me getting some prep work done for this week, as well as planning longer term for some of my longer goals.  I’ve been so distracted with some of those things, that I didn’t even get this post put together until this afternoon.  Sorry if I missed your coffee this morning, but today will be brief anyways.

1. The reality of my running goals are coming to bear.  Summer and I had an impromptu talk today about some of those goals, especially the half-marathon, sharing some goals that I need to hit by August, September, and October.  To be honest with all of you, I haven’t been spending as much time and attention to working on the running goals.  Sure, I have plenty of things to blame, the heat, and when it wasn’t too hot, the rain.  Yes, there are plenty of reasons why not … but of course the reasons “why not” are the reason why this list is a reality in the first place.

2. I spent some time online trying to connect with other personal productivity blogs, and to be honest, it’s a little overwhelming.  I think, more today than ever before, the internet is a confusing and muddled mess.  Just try searching for just about anything.  Anyways, expect a post in a week or so with what I’m tracking.

Do you have any professional and personal development blogs that you follow?

See you guys on Wednesday, with some more specific updates!


30 While 30: Book Review – The Love Dare

While most days, I am not a big fan of “trendy” Christian books (and by “trendy” I mean the books that tend to float to the top of sales lists, are adopted by major churches as curriculum, and are accompanied by multiple study guides – for adults, singles, children, or teens, etc.), however, in this project year, I have been found to be reading more and more of them (for examples: Love Wins and Radical).  Oddly enough, this desire to get caught up in some of the current titles namely is to continue to be relevant and to know a little bit about what lots of people are talking about when it comes to faith and popular thought on Christianity.

This week’s review is of one of those books, the Love Dare, by Alex and Stephen Kendrick. Though I am unsure which came first, the movie Fireproof (starring Kirk Cameron) or the book, the Love Dare, it is safe to say that these are intimately linked. Continue reading

30 While 30: Day 105 –

A few list things for you all today!

1. Took a big step on #8:

8. Earn my carry permit / take a handgun course.

Registered for my handgun safety and permit class with Guns and Leather (What can I say?  The name is simple and to the point.  No confusion on what they sell, that is for sure).  So in just a few short weeks, I’ll sit in a classroom for half a day, and then get certified at 9, 21, and 45 feet.  I’ll take pictures, but I promise, not while shooting.  I think that just might be against the rules.

2. Some progress on another one:

15. Have a photograph published.

I recently submitted the following photos to Spirit magazine, the airline magazine for Southwest Airlines.  We’ll see how it goes, but here are the ones that I sent in:

You’ve seen them before, from the trip to Colorado, but these were the ones that I thought were my “best shots”.

3. I took a big step towards #29.

29. Finish my Paw-Paw’s book.

The crate of writings and notes from my grandfather’s book are now sitting at my desk in the house.  I have not cracked it yet, but Summer is traveling for a bit next week, leaving me with some days off of work while I take care of the kids, so more on that later.  Seeing what is ahead of me for this, to be honest, I am a little overwhelmed.  Writing in a blog is one thing … I mean, heck, almost no one reads this.  But I don’t know anything about writing a novel.  This is going to be an adventure, for sure.

4. This is post day 105.  That means 105 days without my sweet sweet Mountain Dew … or anything else bubbly.  This is a miracle.  Seriously.  A miracle.

5. September is vegetarian month.  I …. am …. insane.  Now that I am past that, any folks out there that do not partake of the meat?  I need to do a little research on what variety I might toy with.  I am serious about it, but I want to do my homework.  Help me out here folks.

Folks have a great day!

Tomorrow – review of the popular Marriage-help book: The Love Dare.


30 While 30: Day 103 – It’s Friday! Friday!

Photo credit: BBC

Today, a story about a girl.  A girl named Rebecca.

In January of just this year (2011), Rebecca and her mother thought it would be good to spend about $4000 on a production of a pre-written song and music video.  The purpose was to get a little something for friends and family to enjoy, and maybe help start a singing career.  The video was shot over 12 hours, using mainly real life friends and family as extras and was posted on YouTube in February, 2011.  It originally got about 4000 views.  Acceptable for Rebecca and her family.

Here was the finished product.

Yes, this story is about Rebecca Black.  You may not know her.  I really didn’t until recently.  And here, as Paul Harvey says it, is the rest of the story: Continue reading

Take a moment, smell the roses, and watch a movie …

As I write this (Tuesday), a fever has me in the bed.  It’s been passed from Wesley, to Daniel, I think that Summer has it now … and my turn is just beginning.  Let’s hope the stomach cramps stay away.

Aaaaaaaaanyways ……

Sometimes, when working on anything important, it’s time to take a break.  Even if that means interrupting your 430am wake-up calls to go to the YMCA, sometimes you have to just take a break.  You have to breathe to take the next steps.  Especially when marching up a mountain.

So, simply for today, a recommendation … of a movie:

It’s Kind of a Funny Story.

A movie that I plan to own, and plan to use if this career of mine ever dips back into the teaching and mentoring of other counselors.  It’s just a movie about perspective, and about enjoying and seeing the importance of simple things.

So, like me: take a break.  Put on your flannel pajama pants (ok, maybe that was a little too much) crawl into bed (ok, for sure too much that time), and enjoy something simple.



30 While 30: Day 96 – What a difference a year makes…

If anyone reading this blog has either had children of their own, or known young children (cousins, nieces, nephews, etc.) they know how quick a year can seem to go by.  Not only that, but especially in young children, how much they seem to grow in that period of time.  For example, here is my youngest son, Wesley, on or around his 1st birthday, one year ago:

Here is a short list of things that Wesley couldn’t do, or wasn’t very good at.

  1. Wesley could almost walk on his own …he was more still cruising. (using furniture to brace himself as he navigated around the room).
  2. Could barely talk … he had a few small words to help us know what he wanted. (one of which was the word “no” – not in defiance, mind you, but this was his word for “milk” …. don’t ask me … I don’t know how or why.)
  3. Wesley was a mess at the dinner table. Continue reading

30 While 30: Book Review – In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto

Think, for a few moments, what your grandparents used to tell you about what they ate while they were growing up.  If they were anything like my Paw Paw, here is what they probably ate – lots of vegetables: potatoes, turnips, carrots … some bread (often from cornmeal), and a smattering of meat (most likely pork – it was the cheapest).

What’s something else you remember about your grandparents?  Well, once again, if they were anything like my Paw Paw, they lived a very, very long time.  It wasn’t just eating habits either, it was all those quirky things too.  Brushing teeth with backing soda, vinegar mouthwashes, Vaseline rubs.

While some of those things seem very much “out there”, here were some other truths about my Paw Paw.

1. You almost can’t count on two hands the number of heart bypasses that he had.  (I don’t mean to tell this story as to report that he was unhealthy.  Only the opposite.  He had two surgeries, both of which happened late in life, as in post-70, if I am not mistaken.  Also, I remember after the first one – I think I was around 10 – that he was up and walking multiple miles mere days it seemed, after the surgery.)

2. He was the fittest man I knew.  He was lean and had a full head of hair.

3. My Paw Paw died living until his last day, and the ripe old age of 98.  They simply don’t make them like that anymore.

So what was his secret – or secrets – for that matter?  Maybe it was the fact that he took about 500g of Vitamin-C each day.  Maybe, but also it was probably how he ate, and eating is what this book is about.  Eating like my Paw Paw … Continue reading