30 While 30: Day 77 – So I’m still here …. now what?

So, if you haven’t heard by now, the world was supposed to end this past Saturday, May 21st, at about 6pm, based on the prediction of a certain pastor Harold Camping.

I’m still here.

Now granted, this means one of two things:

1) I and many other people on the planet (read: ALL) were mistaken about this whole God/Jesus thing, or …

2) The prediction was wrong, that the end didn’t happen, and we are left to decide what to do next.

I appreciated many of the humorous postings on the internet, with people showing off their “Rapture clothes”.  Here are some humorous (and maybe some sacrilegious)  examples.

Even as I laugh a little at the humor of the situation, I am now saddened as more and more reports come out of Browning’s followers and the condition that their lives are in now, in that many of them sold all of their belongings, emptied their savings and retirement accounts, moved themselves and their families all over the US, and basically turned their lives literally upside down for something they believed with all their heart to be true.

Here is one example.

These stories are hard to hear.  But in the same regard, I wonder if there is something to learn here.  Now sure, there is the given, about being careful about what you place your belief in, about seeking wise counsel, and about faith in man versus faith in the divine, but I wonder if there is another lesson to learn …

What are you sold out to?  What are you intimately and completely committed to?

When Jesus walked the earth, he once told a rich man to sell everything that he had, give it to the poor, and to follow Him.  Now this story has been researched, mulled over, and thought about for thousands of years, and we are left with many interpretations … however the one that permeates all of them is:

Jesus asked the man to do something drastic about his life for the sake of Christ.

We are all the rich man.  None of us are the rich man.  Some of us don’t know really where we stand with the question asked, or if the question is even the same for each of us.  What to give up?  What to let go?  What to gain?  How to follow?

It’s not even just about faith, it’s about everything else.

For pete’s sake, this one year journey that I am on is an example of something that I am motivated to do, engaged to complete, and am driven to accomplish.

I wonder then, if one of the lessons of May 21st is … how dedicated really are you to the things that you want to accomplish, or how committed are you to the purposes that are in place for your life? … Because in the last week, we have some good examples of (if not anything else) whole and complete dedication to an idea, event, and purpose.

Are you willing to give up something meaningful for something bigger?

An example:

(Geez, this is going to be embarrassing)

I am a gamer.  My pastime of choice is computer games.  In my opinion, it was always about activating the other side of my brain in my off time.  To do something brainless so that I don’t ruminate on issues of work.  I had scheduled time that I played with other people several times a week, most times after the wife and boys were in bed, (mainly) to allow my hobby to be the least impacting to my family.

Even so, as it is many times with any hobby, whether it be gaming, hunting, fishing, watching football, knitting, or even exercising … it starts to get in the way of things.  I have recognized that it is one of those times.

Are you willing to give up something meaningful for something bigger?

Yes.  Yes I am.

Staying up late and investing time into this pastime is keeping me from things that I want to do, and know that I should do.  If I want to lose weight, once I come back from Colorado, I am starting a 5-day a week exercise program (as I transition away from hiking the mountain to training for the races).  I need to rest to lose weight.  I am in process of getting back into school for a higher degree.  That is not going to be possible with my current schedule.  I could go on, but I think that you all are smart enough to get the picture.

So ….

What is holding you back from what has always been in front of you to accomplish?

What are your riches that you need to give up?

What is the goal, the purpose, the process that you need to focus your training on?

You know, when you’re silly enough to post an almost impossible list of 30 things to accomplish in a year (all of which pretty much on their own would be impressive feats) you start to ask youself those questions more and more regularly.

Join that conversation.


One response to “30 While 30: Day 77 – So I’m still here …. now what?

  • Karen

    Thomas, I love your thoughts. You seem to understant what a lot of Christians don’t. I knew a man,Howard, in Birmingham who witnessed at work and other places. A co-worker was questioning Howard about addiction to acholol and he went on to say that Howard was addicted to coffee. So Howard felt that his drinking was a stumbling block in his witnessing to this man so he gave up coffee. From that day forward he never drank coffee again. It wasn’t that coffee is bad for you but it was affecting his witness. As “rich men” God often calls us to give up something, and as Christians we have to be willing to follow Him and give up what He is wanting us to do. I thing your 30 things is from God and He will help you to meet each one.

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