30 While 30: Day 75 – Why weight matters …

A few updates:

1. Been progressing nicely on the book list.  Currently, have completed:

Love Wins by Rob Bell

Radical by David Platt

In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan

am currently reading:

Do Something by Kevin DeYoung

I am looking at splitting the book list into different categories to help focus some of my reading interests.  Hopefully a little bit more on that later.

2. We leave for Colorado this Friday (4 days).  Pike’s Peak awaits.

3. While I haven’t gotten signed up for a cooking class just yet (list item #21), this past Saturday, I did get back into the kitchen.  Cooked a relatively simple grilled seasoned potatoes courtesy of my Epicurious app on my Ipad.  They were probably a little too well-seasoned (according to the wife), but a nice first step back in.

4. This Saturday, got to go to to Jazz on the Lawn in Clarksville, TN.  Two things I learned about Jazz on the Lawn.  1) Was much more fun than I expected.  2) The definition of “Jazz” is rather loose at this event.  That is, if you count Margaritaville, the theme to Hawaii 5-0, and Cheeseburger in Paradise as Jazz.  In other news, I think I am very close to #9.


Over the last week, I have had a chance to take a look at other folk’s “30 while 30”, “30 before 30”, or other various “bucket lists”, and it never fails, each and every one of them has some goal attached to becoming more fit, exercising more, or losing “X” number of pounds.  Each has their own reasons, but I have my theory on it.

People can see it.  You can see it yourself.

Not to be too superficial, but losing weight (to use a United Methodist phrase) is an “outward and physical symbol of an inward and spiritual change”.

Someone can’t “see” how many books you’ve read or how well you know Spanish.  They can’t experience the climbing of mountains or flying of an airplane.  Sure, you can share, but walking down the street, going to your high school reunion, people (when it comes to weight) can almost instantly see that you have made a change in your life, that you have a goal that you are reaching, or have even already reached.

Seeing change is an incredible motivator.  More so than that, having other people notice that change is even better. Even when we (and I am speaking to myself) sometimes want to keep to ourselves, when the actions that we take show their effects in our physical appearance, and we are encouraged by the support of others.

So like those others, I too have a weight loss goal on my list.  I really debated the wording, considering I could have called it “get healthy”, “eat better”, “exercise more”, or “change my body shape”, but I decided on a number: 30 pounds.

Well, I have lost 16 in the last 90 days.  30 won’t be enough.  Of course, 30 wouldn’t “really” have me reach my overall goal, which is why there are almost a half-dozen goals on the list related to physical activity or physical health.  30 will be the start.

It is funny though, how sometimes the goal you place out as the grand finale …. ends up being just the starting point of something more.

Let me share with you some pictures.  It is taking a lot for me to post these, but this is a little bit about what this whole internet accountability thing is about.

Here is me, in my engagement photos to Summer (weighed probably right at 180 pounds):

And here is a photo, with my not even one year old son (who is now 4).  The picture, I thought, best demonstrates my change in size and health. I probably weight close to 250 in this photo.

I have a lot of work to do.

Weight loss and healthy living, at least for me, is still very much an “undiscovered country”.  I have achieved much in my life so far, with so much more to do, but this has been an elusive target.  But no more.

Taking care of my body means taking care of my brain to understand more and learn more. 

Taking care of my body means more playing with my boys.

Taking care of my body means more time (God willing) on earth with my wife (who, by the way, lost her father when she was four).

I am going to work to be here as long as I possibly can, to do as much as I can, and to help as much as I can.

So, be encouraged.  Whatever your goal is for your physical body, know that like anything else, it starts with a small change, and can grow into something much larger …. um ….. I guess more appropriately…

it can shrink into something much smaller.


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