30 While 30: Day 68 – Fan or Follower?

So, an update on a few things:

1. I have finally settled on a bit of a posting schedule of sorts for the blog, mainly as a means to keep me on top of things, but also as a means to systematically vent all this stuff I’m taking in recently.  Heck, I am over 2 1/2 months into this thing, having finished four books, but you have only heard about half of one.  Yeah … need to get caught up a bit.  Of course, that is what this whole year is about.  Getting done the things that have waited too long to get done.  Here’s how the layout will work:

Monday: A general list update, with random thoughts or news attached.

Wednesday: A post about something I have found intriguing, interesting, or just silly.  Also with any newer list updates.

Thursday: Will be devoted to things related to the books I am reading as part of my list.

Of course, posts aren’t limited to these things, but it lets me work ahead some, and get some of these things on deck so that I don’t feel so pressed for time.

2. That being said, Part 2 of Rob Bell’s Love Wins will be published on Thursday, May 19th, not the 12th as originally thought.

3. I have walked/hiked a bajillion miles it seems in the last few weeks.  The wife and I are in final stages of our Memorial Day weekend trip to Colorado.  A mountain has been chosen, and it’s a doozy.  We will see how the elevation deals with this sea-level living novice.  Anyways, I started up to six miles every other day this week, with the plan to be to 8 miles at a time next week, the week prior to flying out.  The trip should take care of numbers #3 and #12, among helping with some others.

4.   We are still investigating races.  Getting ready for this hike has taken away from my interval jogging (which has just been replaced with hours of hiking various inclines here locally), but regardless there are a few in the wings, with looking at the St. Jude’s race in Memphis in December being the adventure into 13.1 land.  I regret to say I had planned for a 5k in downtown Nashville, but with the trip to Alabama in close proximity to that, it just wasn’t in the cards.  Count it as a donation.


Are you a fan, or a follower?

It doesn’t matter to what, but the question sparks a perspective that sometimes we take with things that are important in our lives.  We are either sold out on it, or sometimes we meander through it.  Meandering, while sometimes leisurely, can leave us wanting, wondering what more could be done to achieve the goal that we set our ahead of us.

Here I have a clip from Bill Maher (that was forwarded from another source, which I will link to below), a highly outspoken atheist and self-professed non-christian, who rarely hesitates to make fun of Christians.  I say make fun, but I think there is an important thing to look at here.  While I think the fan/follower question can be applied to almost anything, when it comes to Christianity, sometimes those that don’t believe have some of the most profound perspectives.  Sometimes, we need to hear it.

Be forewarned.  There is vulgarity, profanity, and cursing.  It’s why his show is on HBO, and not on any network (even the major cable ones).  He is taking a stance on the recent killing of Usama Bin Laden and the Christian response to it.  My posting this is not an endorsement of the ideas, but more to share a glimpse of the conversation occurring on the topic and then leaving the rest to you (that is if you don’t unsubscribe/stop following due to the content of this video).

Here’s the link:


So then.  Are you a follower …. or just a fan?


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