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30 While 30: Day 48 – “Remember the Alamo!”

Greetings from San Antonio!

A few list updates:

1. I am in Texas … in case the title didn’t give it away (I mean there is a Paris, TN … so I suppose that it might be reasonable for there to be a San Antonio, TN).  I am here for work, giving a presentation to important people about the work that I and my colleagues are doing with military children and families  You might think that this would be a check next to #12, but it’s not.  I’ve been to Texas before .. twice, actually, both times to Dallas/Fort Worth.

2. Tonight I ate at an authentic (if that really means anything anymore) Texas Steakhouse.  I had my cut of choice, the Ribeye, and tried a Merlot with it, to continue to work on #9.  It was a “Red Diamond”, but I am still educating myself a bit on this, as I am trying to figure out what differences exist within the “sub-families” (as I am ignorant of another qualifier) of wines.  In other words, what is the difference in a Red Diamond, Blackstone, Fruity Explosion (ok, I made that up) Merlots, other than minor flavorings, and other “hints” in wine? Continue reading


The reason for the season, in five minutes.

Happy Easter.  Take five minutes to listen to what the hubub is all about.  Warning – it’s not about eggs or bunnies.

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30 While 30: Surrounded by such a cloud of witnesses …

No list update today.  Just want to jump to a story that I want to share with you all today.  For those counting, it’s day #42.

Anyways, back on topic.

I love my work.  I really do.  The thing about it is, I love more the fact that I get paid to do something that I am built for.  I get to share in the joy, sadness, hardship, growth, and reconciliation of people looking to find help with some of life’s hardest challenges. Continue reading