30 While 30: Day 19 – one little bit at a time…

Day 19. (TBH …. this post started as “day 18”, but last night got a little busy..)

It’s been a few days.  Maybe so, but I’ve been in the business of life and the list.  Here are some recent updates:

1. I’ve lost two more pounds in the last week.  I have been less intense … well, lets say not really as intense at all, especially since it went and got all cold here in TN again.  I am also faced with several barriers to increasing my activity and monitoring my diet, both having much to do with time, and how much is available.  If this is going to work, then I may have to drop some things for the sake of these goals.

2. Looking at some races.  This one is close (Nashville), and my wife tells me that the course is pretty level, and will be a nice re-entry into running.  It’s also for a good cause, which, I think is important.  That makes it just under 6 weeks away.  Then, my wife also received the notice for the Mufreesboro Half Marathon, in October.  All of the sudden, 7 months doesn’t seem like a whole lot of time. …. Did I mention I reaaaaaaalllllyyyy don’t like running?  Funny though, sometimes the things you don’t like are the things that you really need to be doing.

3. So, I tried to help someone about a week ago (for #19):

19. Complete 30 random acts of kindness to 30 total strangers.

I was driving home, and a lady two cars in front of me blows out a tire.  I, like the amazingly nice person I am, stop and trot up to the van eager to help.  I inquire, and am promptly let know: “I’m calling my husband”.  Now, granted, I really look more like a cuddly teddy bear than a serial mass carjacker, but regardless, I gave it a go.

4. One thing I have been doing these last two weeks is reading.  I finished Love Wins, by Rob Bell, a book that has literally blown up the evangelical internet.  Anyways, I am prepping some stuff for review of that, but that is saved for a later post.


One of my wife’s friend’s, Andrea, posted the following quotation in her facebook status:

“We are slowed more by the grain of sand in our shoe than the mountain we climb”-unknown

What I find so compelling about this simple thought is how simple, yet plainly true this statement happens to be.  Looking closer though, we see things like this all the time.  Tiny things, which seem insurmountable to us and block our way, are really sometimes just tiny things.  Sometimes we just need to call stuff what it is and take care of it.  I mean, what about that princess and that pea in her bed?  To think if she just got down and did a little prep work, her life might have been less stressful, and well … we wouldn’t have a story about it.

I digress.

Another example.

Over the winter break, I woke up at 530 in the morning to take care of Wesley’s “early morning pep talk” (which is code for attempting to get him back to sleep so I don’t have to stay up with him).  Within 15 minutes, I began to have these sharp, radiating pains coming from my lower back.  They did not get sated with any kind of position or pressure … and hate to be gross …. but I vomited.  Summer thought I was faking, or crazy.  I remember her asking me (in the pre-dawn hours): “Are you serious?”

I was.


It was fundamentally the worst physical feeling I have ever had to date on this planet.

It was that bad.

We packed the kids up in their jammies and took them to their grandma’s (which I might add was terribly exciting and adventurous for them), and Summer and I went to the ER.  Well, two hours, two shots of some drug that I cannot remember (yet felt reeeeeeeelly good), CAT scan, and short drug induced nap, I was the proud father of ….

a kidney stone.

Not just any kidney stone … a whopper … a 3mm one

(for those of you counting, that’s about the size of that lower case “o” you’re looking at right now)

Moral of the story, sometimes the smallest things can cause us the largest grief … but sometimes they are just small things.

So one little bit at a time, let’s get that sand out of our shoe (or that calcified mass out of our urinary tracts), and get to climbing.

Peace out! ….. (Still working on a decent salutation)



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