30 While 30: Day 7 – what you do … matters

Day 7.

Random progress notes:

1. I have lost 4 pounds this week.  This is a combination of some very simple things.  a) cutting out the carbonated beverages.  I only drink water, along with some OJ in the morning, and a touch of milk or apple juice some other time (normally less than 4 ozs). b) I’ve logged about 12 miles this week walking/jogging.  I’ve paid attention to what I am eating.  I am, however, not delusional about this progress.  I know that these early losses are simply the “cleaning out of the pipes” so to speak.  This is the easy stuff.

2. Looking at my first 5k of the year.  It’s a local one, and coming up in about 6 weeks, so I have to desperately up the training.  Thanks, Summer for finding me this race.

3. Been doing some reading ….. actually read a book in a day, but more on that in a later post.  I have to process it a little more before I write about it.  A fast read, but a lot to chew on.  It’s a book called Love Wins by Rob Bell.  Some who read this may have heard about it.  It’s stirred up some controversy in the Christian faith over the last few weeks, but like I said, more on that later.


Now, my point for the day:

What you do matters.

Sometimes I think that it’s amazing that the simplest of phrases sometimes get us so mixed up.  In my reading this week, as well as an experience at work today, I am reminded by the fact that everything we do matters.  Once again, not a new idea:

People have written thousands of books based on the crux of pivotal decisions and their impact on history.  Pick up any historical biography or period work on world culture or war.

Ian Malcom (from Jurrasic Park) quoted (in the mainstream) the Butterfly Effect, a physics and mathematical theory of causation … most commonly heard as the question that “If a butterfly flaps his wing ….. does it cause such and such” (I am purposefully vague as the quote has been repeated many times.  Suffice it to say, the idea is that small movements can have great impacts in complex systems.

A constant theme in holy writings of many cultures, and prominently in the Bible is the idea of “sowing and reaping” …. that is to say what you do will have impact later.

Anyone heard of karma?  And did you know that karma has fists? (16 cool points if you get that reference – and by the way the cool points competition is getting fierce.)

What goes around, comes around.

Time is the greatest testament to this.  Leave something metal out in the weather and it rusts.  Plant and water a seed and it grows into much more than it was.  Help a woman cross the street and avoid an accident.  Invest well, and retire well.  Exercise and eat well, and have the body of your dreams (ok … that one was more for me).

Regardless, the theme is present in almost all we do and see in our present existence.  What you chose to do today … even right now … can have profound impacts on tomorrow, next week, and even the rest of your life.  Today, you are forming patterns and habits, setting goals and purposes, assimilating values and setting expectations that will have profound effects on the rest of your existence.


Some might feel a profound degree of pressure coming to realize this, agonizing on the smallest decision, praying before crossing the street, or simply refusing to make any decisions, allowing fate, providence, destiny, or God to do as He (or they) will.

But that is our nature, isn’t it?  Our nature is to see this and see pressure, to see failings, to see our own inadequacies.

An alternative, I propose, is to see hope.  To see potential.  To see grace, and to experience true activating purpose.

Today I met with a couple of siblings together for a family therapy session.  I won’t list the litany of gut-wrenching and heart-breaking issues that they face, or name the stresses that a 7 and 8 year old should never have to face.  Here is what I will tell you about them.  They understand the bolded point above.  They have an innate, yet powerful understanding of what today can be.

Today can have happiness.

Today can be special.

Today I can learn something new.

Today matters.

Because you see, out of the mouths of babes, we have the answer.  To know that our actions have profound impacts, instead of being debilitating should be a freeing idea.

You can chose to not be who you were yesterday.

You can chose to make a impact on others, in whatever capacity your skills, talents, and opportunities allow.

You can chose to not consistently exist in the past where your failures are, but instead look to tomorrow and know:

What you do …. matters.


(a long post, and I hope you will forgive me.  Sometimes I get on a roll.  My coworkers have coined a phrase about me: “Why say in three words what you can say in 20.”  I kinda like it.


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