30 While 30: Day 2 – beginning with the beginning in mind

Some random things from the first few days of this journey:

1. I don’t like White Zinfandel.  It seems like a fruity, girly wine … it is pink, y’know.  We can safely mark that  one off the list of potential contenders.  Speaking of things that people don’t like …. you know what Summer doesn’t like?  This:

Which is ok.  One would simply assume that when one orders a salad with tomatoes, that the tomatoes are on the salad, not that they are the salad.  Anyways, Summer and I got a brief night on the town while the mother-in-law cared for the little ones, and we ate at a restaurant that we will likely never eat at ever again.  We were a touch out of our leauge, I think, even in spite of hours and hours of Iron Chef and Hell’s Kitchen under our belts.  Regardless, a great time, and probably the last extravagant meal in a while, if I am ever going to meet these targets.

2. I don’t miss carbonation that much.  I figured it up that on days that I had a Dew or a Coke, that I was drinking away hundreds of calories without a second glance, and forgoing real energy for the fake chemically mixed stuff.  The last two days I have had primarily water, but some Orange Juice to start the day, and a nightcap of a little apple or pineapple juice.

3. Went for a 2 mile spontaneous walk with Summer this morning.  I let the cat out of the bag a few days ago that we would be spending our anniversary this year in Colorado.  Not only that, but we are making plans to hike not just a mountain …. but the mountain … Pike’s Peak.  The hike is 12 miles, with about an 8000 ft. elevation change.  We’re going to be pounding the pavement and visiting some football stadiums between here and then to train.  This little trip will take care of #3 and #12.


Now, on to my thought for the day.

Steven Covey, the author of Seven Habits of the Highly Effective People, has a saying …. “begin with the end in mind”.  The crux of this is that whenever starting a project, you should recognize where you are going to be, and that your first steps should develop from those end goals in a fluid manner.  Well, I agree with him, but I also understand that when anyone begins a new project, goal, job, resolution, well …. anything …. you have to begin with the beginning in mind.  What I mean to say is that you must know yourself enough to know where you might trip up or lose motivation.  What will trigger that “give up” feeling?  If you can’t master the beginning ….. you will never make it to the end.  For me, that means alarms, sectioning off time, and not having certain foods in the house, among other first steps.  I make these changes because I know myself and I know where I am likely to falter.

The beginning is where we get tripped up.  We always have these dreams and goals ahead of us, but it is those first few tries or days that will determine the habits that we build to reach those lofty ideas.

So, begin with the beginning in mind.


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