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30 While 30: Day 19 – one little bit at a time…

Day 19. (TBH …. this post started as “day 18”, but last night got a little busy..)

It’s been a few days.  Maybe so, but I’ve been in the business of life and the list.  Here are some recent updates: Continue reading


30 While 30: Day 7 – what you do … matters

Day 7.

Random progress notes:

1. I have lost 4 pounds this week.  This is a combination of some very simple things.  a) cutting out the carbonated beverages.  I only drink water, along with some OJ in the morning, and a touch of milk or apple juice some other time (normally less than 4 ozs). b) I’ve logged about 12 miles this week walking/jogging.  I’ve paid attention to what I am eating.  I am, however, not delusional about this progress.  I know that these early losses are simply the “cleaning out of the pipes” so to speak.  This is the easy stuff.

2. Looking at my first 5k of the year.  It’s a local one, and coming up in about 6 weeks, so I have to desperately up the training.  Thanks, Summer for finding me this race.

3. Been doing some reading ….. actually read a book in a day, but more on that in a later post.  I have to process it a little more before I write about it.  A fast read, but a lot to chew on.  It’s a book called Love Wins by Rob Bell.  Some who read this may have heard about it.  It’s stirred up some controversy in the Christian faith over the last few weeks, but like I said, more on that later. Continue reading

30 While 30: Day 2 – beginning with the beginning in mind

Some random things from the first few days of this journey:

1. I don’t like White Zinfandel.  It seems like a fruity, girly wine … it is pink, y’know.  We can safely mark that  one off the list of potential contenders.  Speaking of things that people don’t like …. you know what Summer doesn’t like?  This:

Which is ok.  One would simply assume that when one orders a salad with tomatoes, that the tomatoes are on the salad, not that they are the salad.  Anyways, Summer and I got a brief night on the town while the mother-in-law cared for the little ones, and we ate at a restaurant that we will likely never eat at ever again.  We were a touch out of our leauge, I think, even in spite of hours and hours of Iron Chef and Hell’s Kitchen under our belts.  Regardless, a great time, and probably the last extravagant meal in a while, if I am ever going to meet these targets.

2. I don’t miss carbonation that much.  I figured it up that on days that I had a Dew or a Coke, that I was drinking away hundreds of calories without a second glance, and forgoing real energy for the fake chemically mixed stuff.  The last two days I have had primarily water, but some Orange Juice to start the day, and a nightcap of a little apple or pineapple juice.

3. Went for a 2 mile spontaneous walk with Summer this morning.  I let the cat out of the bag a few days ago that we would be spending our anniversary this year in Colorado.  Not only that, but we are making plans to hike not just a mountain …. but the mountain … Pike’s Peak.  The hike is 12 miles, with about an 8000 ft. elevation change.  We’re going to be pounding the pavement and visiting some football stadiums between here and then to train.  This little trip will take care of #3 and #12. Continue reading

30 While 30 – The Comprehensive List

Here it is.  My list of 30 things to do while I am 30.  If you just want the bullet list, just go here.  On this post, you will find the list and some of my thoughts or reasons why I want to accomplish these things … this year.  This will be a long post.  Just be forewarned.  There is no logical or reasonable order to these items, so don’t infer one. 🙂

1. Read 30 books.

Charles Jones once said:

“You are the same today that you are going to be in five years from now except for two things: the people with whom you associate and the books you read”.

I am to tackle this from both angles.  This covers the second half.  I know 30 seems like a lot, but I have included a smattering of long and short ones, fiction and non, across several genres.  Some are new reads and some are re-reads, but that’s the goal.  For the list of the books, go here.  At the time of this posting, the list isn’t complete.  I realized that as I begin this journey, where I end up might find myself wanting to read some very different things.  I am leaving it open-ended. Continue reading

On the eve of 30.

Tomorrow is the day.

Isn’t it amazing what value we place on certain days?  Like the world is brand new on January 1st, like everyone loves everyone on Valentine’s Day, or that green is such a neat color on March 17th.  We won’t get too deep into the issue we have with what “we” have assigned to certain days (ahem …. Jesus’ birth was probably more in the summertime then on December 25th …. cough), but the fact remains, that we have “markers” for ourselves built into the year.  This could be a birthday, and anniversary, heck even a payday, or a fresh day off of work. Continue reading