So what is this all about?

So why blog?   And why now?  That may be the question of the hour, day, or even decade.  More people than ever are veritable noobs (check that against your Miriam Webster’s dictionary) at this blogging thing, sharing info from tech reviews, baby reports, political comedy, and musical review.  You want it?  Its out there … and then sites that blog about blogging.  Even our president does it … and that HAS to be cool.

So why me?  I figured why not?  You see, it wasn’t too long ago that I was finally convinced by my wise and wonderful wife (you like that alliteration didn’t you – another trick learned from my English professor wife) to get onto facebook.  Well sans the constant farm town and mafia wars gifts and constant “what 80’s rock star are you most likely to date in your 70’s?” quizzes, it has exploded quite a bit.  I am connecting with people (even for short glimpses) that had before now been in very different sections of my 28 year old life.  Highschool, college, former co-workers, church goers … all lumped into a convient little site that lets me know in a few short minutes what many of them are doing, thinking, planning …. or not doing, thinking, or planning, because they are on facebook instead.

Anyways, seeing these familiar faces, some the same, some changed, and some not having seen in so long, it got me remembering.  Remembering when connecting with people was “easy”.  Mostly reminding me of college days when you really thought it was hard, until you look back and realize you were only in class a few hours a day (much less than high school) and that everything was serendipitous and unplanned.  Out of that, it always seemed, came the brightest ideas, the funniest moments, and for me, the love of my life.  Moments at a campus concert, a local coffeehouse (no one dreamed of going to a Starbucks), or at the local campus religious ministry.  It was these conversations that made the time great, and a way of looking at life that we often miss as we get a bit more “experience”.

So, back to the question.  Why am I doing this?  Several reasons:

1. Conversations.  Not an excuse to not talk with people or to make connection, but to allow folks that are interested, whether I knew you in high school, college, or currently, to pour a hot cup of joe, log into the local wi-fi, and have a conversation, even if I may not even be there.  To catch up with me at 5:00pm or 2:00am.

2. I need somewhere to collect my thoughts.  Maybe I am an arrogant jerk, but I think I have some good ideas … maybe useful for social science research, religious things, political outlooks, a book on counseling adolescents, principles in family dynamics, or heck … even a hallmark card.  This will be a place that I can occasionaly write a little something, create some links, and be a place that I can go back and recall those “post it note” moments that I have.

So … enjoy!  I know I am new at this, and will work (under the tutelage of my experienced blogging wife) to make it better.  Hopefully, I will be doing this pretty often and across varying categories (religion, politics, counseling/therapy, and life in general) and folks can get some enjoyment.  So RSS it …. or whatever you do …. or don’t do …. or tell me I’m an idiot and don’t have it set up right …. whatever.  I am a good listener … in fact, I get paid for it.


One response to “So what is this all about?

  • thevfamily

    First off, who is this love of your life you speak of? She is one lucky gal!

    2nd- No one dreamed of going to Starbucks because we did not have one. That made the decision simple enough.

    Great first blog post. Looking forward to more thoughts.

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